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Hi There,

I'M Nikoloz.

Dreamer & Hacker

Short Story

First, I would love to tell you a little bit about myself.

As a kid, I was always interested in business development, in fact, the draft of the first "business plan" I made was in 9th grade, to redesign our house into a restaurant. With my brother and friends, we would make comedic concerts for neighbors and relatives and earn money to buy candy. 

This is why since childhood I learned the importance of communication, storytelling, and creative enterprising. The foundation of meaningful communication is the process of telling stories and transforming raw data from numbers to valuable, actionable impact. 


I use this site to tell stories about curious subjects and to explore ideas in marketing, communication, and branding, with the hope that this information becomes valuable for enterprises and people trying to grow them or just for those exploring and picking at the world around them.  

Let's expand our minds together!



03 Experience

2019 September - Present


Brand Specialist

Creating a Brand Book, designing brand identity elements, and graphic material including custom illustrative fonts in Georgian and English, brand direction, responsive logo, color palette, layouts for poster design, official document design, business cards, brand stylescaping, promotional material, and overall design system. Behance Portfolio 2020 -

2018 April-2019

The Knotty Ones

Social Media and Marketing Intern
Managing company's Pinterest, developing marketing campaigns, designing presentations for partners, designing company cards doing market research

2017 June-August

Business & Technology University (Georgia)

Technical Writer
Writing reading material and creating short video-lectures about entrepreneurship for business faculty.  

2021 March - Present

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Digital Marketing and Branding Intern

Developing, managing, advertising, analyzing, and communicating content for all social media platforms of the brand. Organizing content shoots, managing photo/video shoots, and creative aspects, content planning/strategy. Communicating with tenants and users, analyzing and responding to their social media-related needs.

2019 June- August

Brooke Roberts' Innovation Agency

Digital Marketing and Branding Intern

  • Re-branding (logos, color, icons/gifs, font, article templates, newsletter template, hashtags, brand book).

  • Content Strategy

  • Website optimization and analytics

  • Website SEO analysis and strategy, Optimized site efficiency rating.

  • Preparing and scheduling social media content for both Techstyler and BRIA 

  • Attending and assisting at events (London Fashion Week and brand partnership events).

  • Recording content from events for social media and marketing purposes.

2017 September-Present

LCC International University (Lithuania)

Math Tutor

Helping students having difficulty with calculus, statistics, econometrics and accounting. Explaining theory & solving problems. 

2017 March-April 

Sales Intern
Qualifying sales using CRM software and LinkedIn. 

2016 July-August



Recording, editing and promoting STEM related educational videos and content on Facebook. 

2015 October-December

Marketing Research & Support Intern

Researching competing technology and companies. Generating leads. 


MotionX (Ed-tech startup)


Developed a go to market strategy, presented at Global Entrepreneurship Summit, became finalist of GIST Tech-I Competition. Startup discontinued.

Dream Bigger

Elon Musk

I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.

Thomas Edison

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Muhammad Yunus

The only place where poverty should be is in museums


I would love to hear more from you

Tel: +995 591 54 03 21

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